Call for Papers



The first Student’s Conference to be held by the Parley Project will explore the ubiquitous and complex issues of Data and Democracy. The conference will include two flagship events: A conclave hosting some of the most eminent personalities in the field of tech policy and internet freedom advocacy as well as a Paper Presentation for undergraduates.

The Paper Presentation intends to invite budding researchers and enthusiastic students, as the future harbingers of change, to engage with one of the most pressing issues of the 21stcentury. 

The event will have its participants explore innovative, globally-oriented ideas under the umbrella of Data and Democracy. Following a 2-tier selection process, finalists will get to present their research in front of a panel of experts and academicians. Participants are encouraged to keep an eye out for the panelists invited as part of the speaker session. 

Presenters will have an opportunity to benefit from the established reach of the Parley Project. They will also have the opportunity to bring their ambitious ideas to the notice of an esteemed panel of judges as well as representatives of student-oriented academic journals. 



● This event is only for current Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. On review, if we find anybody who is not from this category, that team will be disqualified.

● Following the initial submission round, papers will be shortlisted for the Tier-2 selection process.

● From the shortlisted papers, the top teams will then be invited to present at the Finals.




● The Word limit of the abstract is 300 – 350 words. The abstract must be written in Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and line spacing of 1.5.

● The sources for all data used in the paper must be clearly cited in APA format.

● The papers should be submitted to

● The email should have all the names, phone numbers, and email IDs of all the team members, the topic of the paper and the current/latest institutional affiliation along with courses pursued.

●The last date of submission is 5th April 2021, 11:59 PM. No entry will be accepted after the deadline




Participants may refer to the suggestive list of topics given below. They are asked to note that the list is NOT exhaustive in nature and are encouraged to explore topics beyond but still within the scope of the over-arching topic.


1. Data Feminism 

2. Digital Activism 

3. Cyber-politics and International Relations 

4. International Regulation and Law 

5. Education, Accessibility and Digital Development