We hosted the first edition of our series: Coffee Conversation. Our guest for the first episode was Mr Alex LeFevre, who is a Political Officer at the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi. The session was conducted on zoom and was attended by participants from around the country. 


Focused on foreign and public policy as well as the #newnormal, the session gave everyone an understanding of what can be expected after coronavirus. Our areas of discussion included several topics such as climate change, youth dissent, geopolitics, healthcare and so on. We understood how important it is for countries to focus on cybersecurity as a majority of functions and interactions take place online. Another point of discussion was how important it is for countries to get a comprehensive understanding of youth dissent and invest in the education of the population. The rise of healthcare diplomacy due to coronavirus was also discussed as were social frictions caused by globalisation. Participants asked some thought-provoking questions from the speaker. 


Mr LeFevre also shared some engrossing anecdotes about his experiences in India. The conversation was a success with an interactive audience and a good cup of coffee. We look forward to conducting such enriching conversations.