Interested in research and building strategies? Want to see your work create an impact?


Come work with us at The Parley Project! Join a group of young people who have come together to devise research-driven solutions for global agendas. The project aims to be a platform where students like us can voice their opinions and hone their understanding of the world around them. It is an endeavour to explore the intricacies of the increasingly globalised world and to unpack the politics behind the same. 


We are looking for research interns to join our various verticals and provide research support to our senior research associates for blogs, research papers and any other initiative that the associate takes up. 

Areas of Work :  

  • International Peace and Security 

  • Urban Policy and development

  • International Trade Relations; Fiscal/Monetary Policy

  • Asian geopolitics 

  • Politics of Inclusion

  • Domestic governance 

Required Qualification, Skills & Experience 

  • Pursuing or have completed a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or a relevant field

  • Spirit of inquiry and initiative, critical thinking and technical skills

  • Experience in developing high level academic written content

  • Experience in primary/secondary research skills

  • Attention to detail, process-oriented and can manage to work in uncertainty

  • Conscientious, disciplined, committed to rigour in all aspects of work  

  • Ability and willingness to work with people from across the political spectrum


Positions Open:

  1. Podcast Coordinator, Research Team 

  2. Research Assistant,  Research Team

  3. Research Assistant, Climate Development Project 

  4. Research Assistant, Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour Project   

Data and Democracy Project - Report on CIB  ​


About the Report

CIB as defined by Facebook occurs when domestic, non-government campaigns that include groups of accounts and Pages seek to mislead people about who they are and what they are doing through the use of fake accounts. CIB can in short be regarded as coordinated efforts to manipulate public debate for a strategic goal wherein fake accounts are central to the operation. To understand this phenomenon better the report will address certain basics associated with the phenomenon including: what psephology is and how psephology works, interlinking of data and microtargeting. The report will then cover the concept of data mining and the impact of the consolidation of digital technologies on data (for example the impact of common ownership of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on data or the impact of common ownership of google, alphabet, youtube, calico etc on data). It will also analyse to what extent these platforms can exchange data and integrate it. The report will then understand the impact of this availability of data on psephology and address the issues surrounding CIB, content monetisation on Social Media platforms under which it will also explore alternatives to content monetisation since platforms also require funding to function. In addition, the report will cover how it disrupts Public opinion, and through the lens of political psychology. Furthermore, the report will analyse how it can be used as a tool for information warfare thus becoming a threat to national security and by interlinking CIB to elections, the report will understand the legitimacy of a government coming to power using CIB. The report also addresses the impact of CIB on India with references to the New IT rules and concludes by developing standard guidelines to help tackle CIB and microtargeting by combating manipulation, misinformation and data mining using AI in the best possible way. 



  • The role primarily involves research and analysis around CIB and related topics as aforementioned 

  • Creating analytical frameworks, assessing developments related to CIB and its impact on Indian political interests

  • Engaging with external stakeholders, including policymakers, as necessary 



  • A good understanding of tech policy 

  • Familiarity with CIB, microtargeting 

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, particularly in writing

  • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills


  • Six days a week, 18 hour work weeks

  • Time-bound completion of assigned tasks

  • Certificate of internship at the successful completion 

  • Letter of Recommendation for high-performing interns


The internship will be for a minimum of three months, extendable based on your performance and availability.



You can work remotely from a location of your convenience (please ensure you have a computer/laptop and a working internet connection with you at all times).


How to Apply: 

Please send your updated CV and writing sample to Deadline: December 1, 2021. 


*note: those who have sent in applications outside of an internship cycle are encouraged to reapply. 


Thank you for your interest in writing with The Parley Project!


The Parley Project is a student-led initiative which focuses on research-based solutions to global agendas. In order to encourage young writers and researchers, we accept guest publications. If you have a unique insight, give it a platform through us. 


To understand what kind of content we publish, you can go through our website! The organisation works along the lines of international affairs and policy developments, and hence we encourage pieces in the category. You are free to explore economic, environmental, defence, culture and any other relevant sphere. 


If you are unsure about your chosen topic, you can write to us at You can submit your entries to the same email id. In all cases, you will receive a reply on your proposal within three working days from the submission. 


You will be notified about the status of your proposal within three working days. If selected, our editors will get in touch with you for the required editings. The editor will retain your original idea and the essence of your writing, focusing only on making the piece crisp and clear. 


Once fit for publishing, the piece would be published on our website as well as our social media handles. You will be notified of the same and would be credited as the author.


While sending in your piece, please keep the following guidelines in mind -

  • We trust you to be submitting your original work which has not been published before. Once published with us, you are free to publish it elsewhere with due credits that it was first published with The Parley Project. 

  • The Parley Project is a non-partisan organisation and caters to audiences of all backgrounds. While you are free to express your opinion and explore novel angles, strongly-worded columns would automatically be dismissed. 

  • The piece should be complete with a suitable title and appropriate citations and references. The referencing style to be followed is APA (American Psychological Association) 

  • Please adhere to the word limit of 800- 1500 words. You have the liberty to include pictures and links to other documents. In the case of pictures, make sure to provide their sources.

  • We encourage you to mail your entries to us as an editable Google document. 

  • You are welcome to submit co-authored pieces as well. Please include the email id, preferred social media handle, and name of the authors while submitting the piece.

Please read our terms and conditions.

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